Request lessons

At the moment I have no spaces for new students.  The request lessons form has been taken down for the time being.

Privacy statement: The data you provide will be used only for the purposes of maintaining contact with you in order to arrange lessons and provide information such as contracts, billing, exam entries and reports on student  progress. The legal basis for collecting your data is in order to be able to contact you for the above purposes.  Your data will not be passed to any third parties.   By consenting to this privacy notice you are giving permission for me to process your data specifically for the purposes identified.

Disclosure: If I need any information for exam entries (ABRSM or Trinity exam boards) such as date of birth of students I will ask for your permission and will not retain the data following the exam entry. 

Data Protection: The information you provide on this form will be used only for the purpose of contact with you regarding matters to do with instrumental lessons and will not be passed on to any third parties.  It will be deleted once students stop having lessons.  You may request that your data be deleted at any time by emailing me or in writing by post.  Data is stored securely, if electronically, on a password protected device or if on paper in a locked cabinet only accessible by me.

Current fees for the academic year 2022-23

Billing is monthly starting in August and ending in July.  Electronic payment is preferred. Due to schools having been shut during the summer term of 2020, this year for most students, payments will be over 11 months, September – July.  The overall fee is the same, just divided by 11 not 12.

20 minute group lesson £17.00 per month (£19 over 11 months)

20 minute individual lessons £35.00 per month (£38 over 11 months)

30 minute individual lesson £52 per month (£57 over 11 months)

45 minute individual lesson £78 per month (£85.50 over 11 months)

Adult lessons £38.00 per hour pro rata (lesson length usually 30 or 45 minutes depending on requirements).

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